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S1 E2 - Can India completely switch to electric vehicles?

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Show notes:

In this episode, we imagine a future where India has completely shifted to electric vehicles. Imagine never having to worry about rising petrol prices; and never having to inhale the toxic smoke that petrol or diesel cars, bikes and buses spew into the air. You also contribute much less carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, so you’re helping the planet and securing your future. After all, electric vehicles are said to be the green transport of our future. What would it take for a country like India to get to this all-electric-vehicle future? And can this future be truly, truly green?


Subject experts

Naveen Munjal, the managing director of Hero Electric, India’s largest manufacturer’s of electric two-wheelers

Dr. Jai Asundi, the Executive Director of the Centre for Study of science, technology and policy (CSTEP), a think tank based in Bangalore.

Swagata Dey, a trained materials chemist and an environmental researcher, based in Delhi.

People who drive or own electric vehicles, in order of appearance

Gauranga Biswas, an experienced driver who now drives a Tata Nexon EV,

Abiramasundari, a chemistry researcher based in Ahmedabad. Has owned an e-scooter by Yo-Bikes since 2005.

Sandhya Ramesh, science editor at the Print India. Owns and drives an e-scooter by Ather Energy since 2018.

Rohit Gupta, co-founder of Buddhimed, a healthcare startup in Bangalore. He owns and drives a Tata Nexon EV.

Imagined Tomorrow is created and hosted by Shreya Dasgupta. The episode was co-edited by Abhishek Madan. Intro and outro music is by Abhijit Shylanath. Get in touch via Twitter, or email

Episode music

Interlude music by George-Sundancer, TattooedPreacher and Zen_Man from Pixabay.

Episode artwork

Image by Pixaline from Pixabay

For further reading:

Determining the environmental impacts of conventional and alternatively fuelled vehicles through LCA. Final Report for the European Commission. Read here.

CSTEP’s pilot project on solar-energy-based charging of EVs with BESCOM. Read here.

Electric vehicle battery recycling in India: An opportunity for change. Read here.

State-wise all India installed power generation capacity as of 30 November 2020. Table here.

Health and economic impact of air pollution in the states of India: the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019. Paper here.


S1 E2 - A future where electric vehicles rule Indian roads - Transcript
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