Imagined Tomorrow is a podcast that imagines futures for India through the lens of science and technology.


Each episode explores a hypothetical future for India, and with the help of different voices and experts, tries to figure out what the journey to that future might look like given Indian realities in mind. Perhaps, the future could become a reality ten or twenty years from now. Maybe it’s a future only a few can reach. Or perhaps, it’s a future we should avoid. There will be some speculation, but we’ll mostly answer these questions based current research, lessons learned from the past, and dreams for the future.

There are TV shows, movies and podcasts imagining the future of the world (Like Flash Forward, one of my favourites). But the narrative is usually western. So, who's imagining OUR future? India's future? At best, we’re a 2 second clip in a disaster movie, where aliens or meteors are whizzing past the Taj Mahal.

So, through this podcast, we explore futures for our culturally complex, economically disparate contexts.  


If you have suggestions or ideas on the kinds of futures you would like explored, or any feedback at all, we'd love to hear from you.

Why imagined tomorrow

The host

Shreya Dasgupta is an independent science journalist who is curious about the way the world works; how it might work in the future; and how we can make sense of it. Her work has appeared in Science Magazine, BMJ, Undark Magazine, Mongabay, Nature, The Wire Science, BBC Earth, and other publications. 


She also loves cycling, especially cross-country and going downhill.