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Imagined Tomorrow explores weird, fun, scary future scenarios for India. Futures that might become a reality when science and tech try to solve problems within India's unique contexts. Wondering what Indian traffic jams would look like with driverless cars? Can we pick a climate-safe home? What if an asteroid was headed toward us? Join us, as we dig into these thought experiments, with a little bit of speculation and a whole lot of science – all imagined from an Indian point of view. 


To answer "what will the future look like", we often turn to the West. But futures in countries like India could play out very differently because of our unique cultural and social contexts. Imagined Tomorrow tries to give you a glimpse of Indian futures with the help of people who are thinking about and building these futures.


Shreya Dasgupta is an independent science journalist based in Bangalore. Her work has appeared in Science, Nature News, Hakai Magazine, Undark Magazine, Wire Science, BBC Earth, Mongabay and other publications.

If you have suggestions or ideas on the kinds of futures you would like explored, or any feedback at all, we'd love to hear from you.

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